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The history of this family business dates back a long way and proves to be rich and interesting, and is the

symbol of how tradition and passion have allowed Sedar.w to satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele. The goal is not to create simple products but to make certain moments of life special and unique.
From conception to realization, every step is taken care of in the smallest details, the high

quality is suitable for the decoration of houses or special events, without forgetting the packaging,

unique and elegant. All made with care and passion by our expert craftsmen.From us, to you.

Hands full of attention, respect, love. These are the hands that shape the products of our collections.

Trustworthy, well-known hands, hands that accompany us on this journey to be made together.

Another fundamental value that Sedar.w has always considered very important to honor is the

utmost respect for the environment. All the products used are natural and free of harmful elements.

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